Download 'Avise 4.3'
(Updated 12 February 2006)

'Avise' is not specified for safety-critical, medical or any application else, which ever might cause danger for persons or animals or damage of things. The use of 'Avise' in such applications is strictly forbidden.

  • Download complete set of object codes (.ZIP packed 97 kBytes)
    Because each of the object codes is quite small, they have been put together into one set. Object codes are provided in Intel Hex format, which is compatible with most programmers. The different versions are signed als follows:
    • AV43808.HEX = ATmega8(L), 8.000 MHz, reduced command set (19200 Baud)
    • AV431608.HEX = ATmega168, 8.000 MHz (19200 and 31250 Baud)
    • AV431618.HEX = ATmega168, 18.432 MHz (19200 and 115200 Baud)
    • AV433208.HEX = ATmega32(L), 8.000 MHz (19200 Baud)
    • AV433214.HEX = ATmega32, 14.7456 MHz (38400 Baud)
    • AV433216.HEX = ATmega32, 16.000 MHz (38400 Baud)
    • AV436208.HEX = ATmega162, 8.000 MHz (19200 Baud)
    • Furthermore, this package contains ATOOL33.EXE, a specialized terminal program

    Note that code cannot be burned into other AVR models because they have different interrupt jump tables!

  • PCB layout graphics for ATmega32 (.PDF file, 15 kBytes)

  • PCB layout graphics for ATmega168 and ATmega8 (.TIF file, 90 kBytes)

Copyright notice: 'Avise' is protected by copyright laws
(c)2000-05 Wolfgang Schemmert and Cinetix GmbH

  • 'Avise' is supplied "as is". You are using every part of this package on your own risk. The hardware, software and documentation has been developed to be error-free and has been tested over a period of time before release. As is a general problem with software, it cannot be excluded with absolute security, that use of 'Avise' or any part of this package may cause damages or loss of data on its application or on your computer.
  • By use of 'Avise', you accept, that Cinetix respectively the software developer may not be held responsible for any damage, loss of data or money, of any kind, directly or indirectly which ever might result from the use of 'Avise' or any part of the support package.
  • Individual and project bound use of the objectcode binary is permitted free of charge and free of royalities, provided the restrictions of use and responsibility listed above are accepted.
  • Individual and non-commercial distribution is permitted free of charge if this copyright notice and all manual files are included.
  • Any distribution through mass-copied data carriers, mass-copied chips, upload into networks or as part of product packages is only permitted with the written consent of the copyright owners.

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