MIDI2FTDI user manual   Version April 2012

MIDI2FTDI is a very simple WindowsTM console style software which is able to connect a real or virtual MIDI port with an USB interface based on the FTDI D2XX driver.

Download "MIDI2FTDI.ZIP". MIDI2FTDI is provided 'as is' -- without any warranty.


MIDI2FTDI is especially designed to support FTDI USB chip model FT245. Thus, USB communication is baudrate independent and no setup of this feature is necessary. By means of this software, the MIDI command set of the Cinetix USB/DMX512 Generator and USB/DMX512 Control Box becomes available for MIDI software.

When the software is started, first the MIDI OUT port, the MIDI IN port and the FTDI device to be connected are selected from a list. By keyboard stroke CTRL-P the selection is saved in the file MIDI2FTDI.SET. After then the I/O selection is reloaded during every start of the software. A new selection of MIDI ports and USB device is possible at any time by keystroke CTRL-N. Else this software works silently in the background and may be shrinked into the task bar. Though it is a user mode application, effectively it works like a driver.

MIDI2FTDI cannot be operated standalone. First, the FTDI D2XX driver has to be downloaded from www.ftdichip.com. Furthermore a set of "virtual MIDI cables" is necessary. MIDI2FTDI has been tested with loopBE (download from www.nerds.de) and Maple VMidi cable (download from www.maplemidi.com and other servers). Connection to real MIDI ports of the computer, like MPU-401, is possible, too.

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