SYXtoMID user manual   Version April 2012

SYXtoMID is a very simple WindowsTM program with the only feature
to convert a number of SysEx messages packed in a .SYX file into a MIDI file (.MID format).


Download 'SYXtoMID.ZIP'. SYXtoMID is provided 'as is' -- without any warranty.

Before you open the .SYX file, the correct packet delay for the .MID file has to be selected by the "PacketDelay" menue. If nothing is selected, the default setting 50ms will be used.

Because no handshake is provided together with MIDI, the delay has to ensure a "time gap" between transmission of any two SysEx messages which is long enough for the receiver of the .MID file to process the data from the previous SysEx message. In this context, the delay between the end of the first SysEx message and the beginning of the next message is essential. But the timing coded in a .MID file describes the time period between the beginning of the first SysEx message and the beginning of the next message - no matter how long it takes to transmit the message itself.
To provide a comprehensible method, SYXtoMID calculates the packet delay as follows:
--- first a delay of 0.4ms is added for every transmitted byte. This is somewhat above the absolute physical limit and seems an acceptable average for well transmitting MIDI software. But due to other tasks running on the PC, there may be periods with slower transmission rate.
--- the time period selected by the "PacketDelay" menue is added to this estimated time of packet transmission. So it describes approximately the delay between end of the first SysEx message and beginning of the next one.
To be at the safe side, the "PacketDelay" may be chosen somewhat higher at the expense of longer transmission time.

To keep it simple, SYXtoMID stores the generated .MID file into the same directory where the .SYX file is located. Existing .MID files of the same name are overwritten without warning message. Before the conversion is made, a request with all relevant data is shown. At this point the conversion may be cancelled.
If irregularties in the .SYX file are detected, SYXtoMID proposes to cancel the conversion or to proceed brutally.

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